Damon O'Keefe   (323) 661-9611


OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position in your Creative Department

EDUCATION:           California Institute Of The Arts BFA in Character Animation                       


EXPERIENCE: 2008  Odd Bot

                                    TD/layout: ZeFronk (Playhouse Disney)


                        2008    Film Roman Animation/ Starz Media

Flash Animator: BUFU (B.E.T. Network), Space Balls The Animated Series (G4 Network)


                        2007    Titmouse Inc.

Flash Animator: Metalocalypse (season 2)

(Cartoon Network's Adult Swim)


                        2007    Six Point Harness Studios

                                    Flash Animator: El Tigre (Nickelodeon Animation)

                                    Flash Animator: Slacker Cats (ABC Family)


                        2007    Ghost Bot

                                    Flash Cleanup/Rigger: Duck Amuck (Nintendo DS Game)


                        2006    Titmouse Inc.

                        Flash Animator: Metalocalypse

                        (Cartoon Network's Adult Swim)


                        2005    One Red Room

                                    Flash Animator: The Chico & Guapo Show (MTV2)


                        2005    Warner Brothers Animation Inc.

Flash Animator: Coconut Fred, Johnny Test, Sherwood Knights, and Go! Go! Moba Boy!


2004      Aisle 5 Studios

                                    Story Board Artist/Animator: Music video for The Sun


                        2004    Drennon Design Corporation

                                    Illustrator: Beamer the Bulb Boy (Children's book)


                        2003    Unbound Studios

                                    Flash Animator: JoJo's Circus (Playhouse Disney website)


                        2002    Romp Films

                                    Flash Animator: Jake's Booty Call


                        2001    Flip Your Lid Animation Studios

                                    Senior Flash Animator on: Those who walk in Darkness


                        2000    Stan Lee Media

                                    Lead Flash Animator: Accuser, 7th Portal, and The Drifter


                        1999    Warner Brothers Consumer Products

                                    Freelance Artist


                        1998    Way Forward Technologies

                                    Cleanup Artist: The King And I Activity Center 


                        1997    Spumco Animation Studio

Cleanup Artist/Production Assistant: The Ranger Smith Show & The George Liquor Show


                        1996    Wild Brain Animation Studio

                                    Production Assistant: Spawn The Animated Series